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What to do if you see a hit-and-run

Yesterday, there were two — TWO — hit-and-runs in Seattle; one on First Hill and one in the Denny Triangle, kind of. 

Both suspects — one, a contract worker for the city who drives a waste management truck (WHICH IS WEIRD, RIGHT? Apparently, he was driving a CleanScapes truck and MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN HE DRAGGED A LADY FOR A BLOCK. WUT**.), the other, a suspected drug dealer — have been identified, and the drug dealer was apprehended just an hour after he got away. Both incidents are scary and awful and make us (three people who do not own cars and mostly get around on our dainty lady feet) feel a little shaky and icky about our walking about.

HOWEVER. We refuse to live in fear because fuck that. So instead, we wanted to give y’all a little heads up about what to do in the event that you see a hit-and-run.

DO: Try to get the license plate, make, model, or at least color of the vehicle. Make note of the vehicle, even if you are not a car person who knows car things. Try to get a look at the driver, or at least a vague description. TAKE IT ALL IN.

DO NOT: Hit Twitter first. WE KNOW THAT IS YOUR IMPULSE but do not. Putting potentially incorrect info out there is not helpful.  DO NOT.

DO: If at all possible, write the details down AS YOU SEE IT HAPPEN. Everyone knows that memories get weird after traumatic events and if you write it down at the scene you’re more likely to get it right.

DO NOT: Assume other people will do the work. This is called the Bystander Effect and we are firmly opposed.

DO: Call 911. Period. “No snitchin’?” NOT IN THIS CASE. When someone has been hit by a fucking car, you snitch.

DO NOT: Try to move the person who has been hit unless you are a medical professional. 

DO: Try to find an actual medical professional to help if, like in yesterday’s incident, you are adjacent to a hospital.

DO NOT: Be afraid to ask a friend for a hug because what you just witnessed is traumatic as fuck and self-care is important. 

DO: Call the police after the initial incident if you have further information. They will want it. 

Take care of yourselves this weekend, bbs. We love you. 

**UPDATE: Apparently “oops, didn’t see you there” and “oops, didn’t notice you died” means you didn’t actually hit-and-run someone, you just hit them, left the scene, and they accidentally died for no one’s fault. And since the dude was driving a GIANT truck and didn’t mean to/realize he hit the lady, he’s not at fault.


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