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Well, this sucks! More beloved local businesses give $$ to Forward Seattle

As an update-of-sorts from our last post about where Forward Seattle’s money is coming from… and we’re even sadder, Bear in mind that they’re not just supporting a referendum for the $15 minimum wage — their dollars are going to unethical campaign practices, i.e., lying signature gatherers. They’re also not supporting, at least on paper, by giving money, Forward Seattle’s original plan of a different wage increase schedule, rather, only the referendum.*

Anyway, try not to cry — there are two really disappointing new supporters.

Other new donors:

  • Michel Brotman, who lists his employer as himself but is actually the founder and "master chocolatier" of the Chocolate Box Shop and the founder of tourist outfit Simply Seattle: $250
  • China West, Ltd: 1,000
  • Steven W. Hooper of something called Equitabowl, Inc.?: $250
  • Bellevue-based interpreter company Interpret This, Inc: $100

Again, all data is via the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission.

* Reminder: Forward Seattle is a single-year committee dedicated to putting the City Council’s minimum wage ordinance on the ballot, and then defeating it. That is what their filing with the city says. It is currently their organization’s whole purpose, and if you give them money, you are giving money to undo the minimum wage increase. More info on their tricky transformation back here.

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