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Ivar’s desperately wants in on the Bertha Block scandal

Ivar’s, which is kind of like Seattle’s dad that keeps reminding us that he raised us so we have to pay attention to him, wants you to know that you should not be leaving them out of any news story EVER (or should I say…IVAR. Har har! Dad joke!). 

From a press release:

Ivar’s announced today that the drill obstruction may be Ivar Haglund’s long-lost clam. The story goes that Haglund’s prized proto-clam, which was lost during a move almost exactly where Bertha stopped, likely burrowed down to the current depth of the blockage. WsDot and Seattle Tunnel Partners are in the process of identifying the source and I’ll have more details on the possible excavation of the clamosaurus, as Haglund fondly referred to it, in the coming days.

A clamosaurus. 

Next theory, please.

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