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Be a good human: Donate some food this Thanksgiving

The Union Gospel Mission is facing a mad meal/ turkey shortage. Actually, basically every food bank and organzation is.

Apparently, the UGM has like 200 turkeys on hand. Which is a lot until you consider that 11% of Seattle’s residents (and about 7% of families) live in poverty (per the last census), which is close to 70k people. Which is a lot.

Their goal is to get 1,500 turkeys. They’re partnering with Safeway and making it wicked easy for people to shop and donate stuff. Like, just buy some extra stuff. Then donate it. They also have a link to just straight-up give money


^^Doesn’t even have to be this much money. 

Boom. You’re helping people. Which is way better than hang-wringing over how yucky crimepeople are because THAT SHIT IS UNCOOL

Now to be fair, the UGM *is* a religious organization and sometimes they are a little sanctimonious about making poor people pray and accept Jesus before they can get services (something I am 100% against).

Also, it deserves to be stated that I am a vegetarian who loves the shit out of green beans covered in canned soup, so I don’t think Thanksgiving really needs a turkey.


A lot of people really do, and “normal” things like a Thanksgiving turkey can be really, really meaningful to community members who are in need. One time my family (who was certifiably poor) got our Thanksgiving dinner covered by my school and it was really nice because we actually got to eat cool Thanksgiving food. IT WAS LOVELY.


^^Wait, everyone’s mom didn’t do this on Thanksgiving. Guess I don’t really know what normal is. 

So, even if you don’t support religious-based aid organizations OR the treatment of animals that goes into making Thanksgiving turkeys, you can still help out by donating to the literal dozens of other local groups who are helping to feed people during the holidays, which are hard emotionally, for people who are struggling, but also economically because a lot of things are closed during those times and getting what you need can be tough. 

Even if you yourself are feeling the pinch (because dude, we feel you), just kicking like, $5 is enough to help food banks and other organizations meet the demand of people in our community who need it. Probably you can spare $5, right?

Here’s where you should put said $5/can of soup/other stuff

And that’s just a few!

ALSO. Here are some tips for donating food THAT ISN’T SHITTY. Because sometimes I volunteer at a food bank and hoo boy you should see some of the abysmal drek that people donate. It’s repulsive.

  • Don’t just clean out the cupboard. Is that shit expired? No one wants that.
  • Don’t donate ingredients, donate food. No one wants your old chopped walnuts. They want real food. 
  • Donate the kind of shit you like. Peanut butter? Yum. Tuna? Great. Soup? Golden. 
  • Pop-tops are what’s up. A lot of people living in extreme poverty don’t have a can-opener. Get a pop-top can of whatever and you’re already doing them a major solid.
  • When in doubt, give money. Food banks know what they need and what to buy. Let them do the hard work if you’re not sure.
  • ALSO! Friend-of-the-Ish Rebecca pointed out on Twitter something I left off: DONATE CAN-OPENERS. They are GREAT donations. DO THAT.

Alright, citizens. Go forth and help some goddamned people.


Imma be honest, I just wanted to use this gif. 

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