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Meet A Drink for the Kids’ sober-er cousin: Coffee For the Kids!

Hey, it’s a Vera Project fundraising effort that we could’ve actually participated in while under 21: Coffee for the Kids! It’s like A Drink for the Kids, which we at the Ish love, only a little more straightforward (one place, four days instead of many places spread out across a couple of weeks) and a little less boozy (booo/yay if you’re into that). Anytime between the 4th (that’s right the fuck now) and the 8th of November, stop into the Capitol Hill Caffe Vita. 10% of your purchase will go to Vera. Boom. Good deed for the day: done.


If you’re not familiar, the Vera Project is one of our fair city’s cooler nonprofits — they put on all-ages shows about both art and music, and provide classes in live sound, silk screening, recording, and more. They’re a great outlet for local youth and young adults alike, and provide access to arts education that might not be accessible to lower-income kids otherwise.

Anyway, go and get a coffee, and look at some sweet poster art there too, while you’re at it; Vita has some posters up from Vera-produced events from the past year.

But hey, if you don’t wanna stick around, here’s one thing Coffee for the Kids has over its 21+ counterpart: you can get it to go. Misanthropy and charity! We really can have it all! Stop making excuses to not get a coffee that supports kids being adults that grow up and make cool shit for us to look at!

(But seriously, you should probably go for the art, too.)

They should do this again, but coordinate it with A Drink for the Kids so we can get our Coffee for the Kids the morning after. It’ll be like a hungover money machine.

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