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The rules were largely aimed at Zimerman and his fellow commenter Sam Bellomio, two members of “StandUP-America” (Zimerman identifies himself as the putative organization’s president), who have routinely disrupted council meetings by shouting at council members that they’re “Nazis,” “communists,” “dirty motherfuckers,” and “the Gestapo.” Zimerman also regularly addresses council members as, for example, “Heil Fuhrer Bagshaw,” while brandishing his arm in a Nazi salute.

If you ever want to bro-down super hard with any of the dorks cool kids like us who just really love public commentary, bring up this pair of dudes, who are so notorious, there are literally rules made to keep them from disrupting civic engagement. 

Much applause to Publicola for covering this subject that literally only seven of us in town care about, but those of us who do care, care really fucking deeply. 

We’re getting another pot shop!

On none other than 23rd and Union. 


Called “Uncle Ike’s,” this is Seattle’s second weed store. It’s owned by the same dude who owns the Neighbor Lady, the bar which took the space of Thompson’s Point of View when it closed (RIP) a few years ago. 

Of the state’s 60ish pot shops that have been allowed to open, only about half have actually done so, due to a shortage of licensed growers — just one of many hiccups in the state’s weed workflow. Still, we have the faith that it’ll get worked out, though the opening of Uncle Ike’s does lend some credibility to the fear that, due to draconian zoning rules (thanks, City Council), the supply of these places will likely be centralized in neighborhoods that are far outside the downtown core, like the CD and SoDo. Also, we’re a little line-mouth that so far, both of the pot shops are owned by white dudes, but…you know. 

Read more about it on the Slog. 

JK. County Council does take-backs on transit cuts.

Today the King County Council voted to not approve any of the bus cuts that we’ve all been railing against. Like, none. Everything we’ve been terrified about, lamented, cursed…just poof. Not gonna happen. The ultimate just kidding moment.


This can happen because cuts needed to be approved by the County Council in order to be implemented. No approval, no cuts. 

Other than the buses that saw their demise on Saturday, all routes will stay just as they are now. 

How the fuck did this happen? 

Well, first sales tax revenues skyrocketed thanks to job growth, high wages, and economic prosperity. Since sales taxes fund Metro, increases in taxes spell good news for the proverbial fare box. Good news to the tune of about $260 million dollars, the projected surplus Metro is expecting within four years. 

Then of course there are the “efficiencies” Metro has created, including cutting over 325 jobs, deciding to lessen the amount of money they sack away for new buses, and projecting a big drop in the cost of diesel. 

And, we’re not accountants but when you have less minuses and more pluses, you end up better than you were before. 

So here we are, better than we were before. 

What this means for Proposition 1’s  passage in November is unknown. All these savings are based on a whole lot of maybes: maybe gas prices will stay low, maybe sales tax will stay high. It leaves Metro perpetually wishing and hoping that things don’t change. 

Passage of Proposition 1 at this point could ensure that Metro has a long-term sustainable funding mechanism that protects the city of Seattle from the whims of fate, And more importantly it could create the desperately needed revenue to grow and expand transit services. 

No one thinks the status quo is good enough when it comes to Metro, but protecting it was the order of the day. Now that a new dawn has come, let’s keep moving full steam ahead to create a transit system which efficiently moves people everywhere they need to go. 

Don’t stop fighting for bus service until we get enough. 

Still, 61 percent of the vote last November went to the woman with the simple Anglo name who hadn’t campaigned. She had agreed that she would not accept the office if elected. Having won, she changed her mind.

Another day, another piece of proof that people demonstrate repulsive racism at the ballot box. Go read this piece, which appeared in the Spokesman but is actually from the LA Times, and think about how that shit — both the behavior of white voters and the gross way that Latin@ voters have been treated in Yakima — reflects on our region for a hot second. 

Have your say about walkability in Seattle

Amidst an extremely wonky blog post on the City’s website, there is actually a very important issue AND a call for you to have something to say about it. 

The City is currently weighing some options for making various retail areas more walkable. Which, if you’ve tried to wade through the construction shitshows that are SLU or the waterfront of late (particularly as the seawall repair begins, shuttering places like Ivar’s for nine months), you know is a very real issue.

39 retail areas have been targeted for potential changes to the current requirements of pedestrian zones, which could include requiring overhead protection among new developments in the areas, requiring larger areas for pedestrians to walk in front of business, allowing different kinds of businesses to operate on street level and…

get ready…

The elimination of “waivers to parking requirements for required street-level uses specific to pedestrian zones (rely on existing, base parking requirements).”


"Regulating where and how parking is located and accessed creates a more interesting pedestrian environment and minimizes auto conflicts with pedestrian traffic,” writes the City in an FAQ about the proposed changes, adding that “this project is the first time that the Pedestrian zone will be used extensively outside of urban centers and villages and outside areas with existing or planned frequent transit service where there may be a greater need for parking.”

Basically, the city already has pretty low parking requirements, the DPD states, and most of the rules about it are pretty good, so there’s no need to further reduce parking. Plus, because these changes could create more walkable areas that are kind of far outside of the downtown core (and because transit is, well, you know, to some of these areas), the idea is to create walkable destinations which encourage people to go to them, which could require parking. 

Anyway, now that everyone’s got that out of their system, all of the language around these proposed changes is extremely civic-sounding and dry-seeming, but the fact is that improving walkability is a really great thing for dense areas and can help get people to consider alternate forms of transit.

"Ground floor pedestrian-oriented businesses also play a key role in generating natural public surveillance that can help reduce crime and improve one’s feeling of safety, contributing to a neighborhood that people want to live, work and play in,” explains the City. "The intent is to prohibit uses at street-level that disrupt the retail character of the street, that discourage customers from walking from shop to shop and that may lead to car/pedestrian conflicts"

AND SO if you care about this issue, you should tell the City because the time is now. You can email your comments through Oct. 2

MUSIC MONDAY: Mr. Lindy West’s amazing band

Ahamefule J. Oluo is basically a Swiss Army Knife of talent. He’s a member of the incredible Seattle band Cataldo and he’s also a writer and comic and plays a bunch of instruments AND ALSO he is soon to be married to Official Queen of Our Hearts, Lindy West. As if that were not enough, he is also the composer behind Industrial Revelation, and made this piece of music for your Monday.

BEHOLD. Be jealous. Be inspired by both his exceptional talent AND ALSO DAAAAAMN HIS STYLE IS SO ON-POINT.


My posse is no longer on Broadway and you’re right. Capitol Hill has changed. You had to make sure you had your strap (that’s your gun, for the impaired) and you had to be conscious, you had to put your head on a swivel. And nowadays, you just take 100 bucks, go up on Capitol Hill, and you buy one cupcake and a cup of coffee. And you’re broke. That’s my Capitol Hill, and I love it, but DAMN those cupcakes cost a lot of money.

Sir Mix-A-Lot comments on the changing Capitol Hill in a Reddit AMA.

And here’s “Posse On Broadway,” for good measure, or in case you are a baby-child that for some reason is unfamiliar.

Another bus is not always coming; major transit cuts start tomorrow

I don’t even have the heart to harp on how catastrophically tragic and misguided it is that we are slashing transit service at a time of unprecedented population growth and record-setting transit ridership. But, here we are, hitting reverse when we should be speeding up. It’s just, ridiculous.

Up till now it’s been a whole lot of handwringing and hypotheticals, well, tomorrow it gets real. Tomorrow King County Metro will implement the first round of service cuts, affecting 46 routes. 

These routes are totally extinct as of Saturday: 7E, 19, 47, 48E, 61, 62, 139, 152, 161, 173, 202, 203, 205, 209, 210, 211, 213, 215, 243, 250, 260, 265, 280, 306, 909, 919, 927 and 935.

And these are facing educed services: 24, 27, 30, 33, 48, 178, 200, 201, 204, 208, 212, 236, 238, 249, 312, 331, 903 and 931.

Good luck out there, transit riders. Good luck to the car commuters who are likely to see more congestion as all bus riders left hanging will likely get in their cars.

And as always, a big fuck you to anyone who has voted against, argued against, or otherwise attempted to prevent reasonable funding mechanisms and growth for this critical urban infrastructure.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be this way. Vote yes on Proposition 1 in November, or prepare to be on our shit list forever. 

Your Seattle City Council, tackling the big issues.

Now that the critical compost issue has been dealt with, perhaps they’ll have enough bandwidth to deal with a reasonable, humane way to address the city’s affordable housing crisis and the resulting massive increase in homelessness. Like, say, regulations which protect people forced to camp outside.