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Seattle’s pizza crime wave continues with pizza assault on Capitol Hill

More details have emerged on a group of dudes who got a little legendary on Cap Hill last Friday night, resulting in injuries in the wee hours of Saturday morning: it was all over pizza. Capitol Hill Seattle has the police report:

I then asked [Dude 1] what happened, and he said he and [Companion Dude] were walking on E Pike St when a group of four unknown males came up behind them. [Dude 1] said he was carrying a box of pizza and one of the mails opened the box while [Dude 1] was still holding it, and he took a slice of pizza out. [Dude 1] said he yelled at the male, and the male punched him in the face with his fist. [Companion Dude] then stepped in to defend his friend and the other three males began punching [Companion Dude]. [He] fell to the ground and [Dude 1] said [Companion Dude] was unconscious for about 45 seconds. [Dude 1] said his neck was sore from the assault.


This incident is just one of many heinous pizza-crimes to strike our fair city in the past several months. Under a month ago, three ne’er-do-wells literally stole pizza from children after they broke into Alki Elementary School, which was totally not even worth it. Back in October, a man was arrested near Green Lake after stabbing a pizza restaurant employee. In September, some woo girl hulk-smashed the window of Hot Mama’s like some kind of goddamn monster. Back in July, a man under the influence of a “potent relaxant” crashed a child’s pizza party, but like, he just wanted some pizza, so that’s fine.

Pizza should be bringing us together, not tearing our fair town apart. We expect a full investigation from KING 5 or the KOMO solvers-the-problem or whatever.

Good news! That terrible TNC decision is on ice

GeekWire confirmed yesterday that the Mayor/City Council’s god-awful, anti-progress rideshare/TNC decision, which would have gone into effect this month, is on hold because enough signatures have been collected to possibly put the thing to a vote. 

As we explained last week, Uber and Lyft put the referenda process to work for them by funding a signature-gathering spree which included a bunch of happy hours, and even petitions in the cars themselves.

As GeekWire puts it, “this effectively puts everything back to square one,” which is positive since when the whole thing was initially at square one, City Council (and specifically, the special transpo committee in charge of making the decision) seemed pretty unwilling to actually listen.

Because, as you’ll recall, while there were several choices on the table — including several which would benefit cabs and TNCs, rather than hamstringing everyone equally — the committee basically opted for the worst possible one. 

Maybe now that voters have had a say — beyond a lot of shouting at town hall meetings — there will actually be some discussion about how legislating everyone isn’t the best course of action.

Go say something about SPD

Were you disturbed by Dominic Holden’s investigative reporting re: the utter shitshow that is SPD? Don’t just bitch about it to your friends and the internet…go bitch about it to your elected officials!

On Tuesday at 5:30p (nice of them to put it at a time when most of us are not at work), there will be a public hearing about the City’s police accountability system. From the press release:

As directed by Ordinance 122809, adopted in 2008, the hearing will provide a forum for elected officials to hear directly from the public before the City begins labor negotiations with the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild (SPOG). The comments from the public hearing will help inform deliberations on the upcoming negotiations.

Ok, to be fair, there is a good chance that the comments will be completely disregarded during the SPOG negotiations because hahahaha SPOG doesn’t really give a fuck about what you have to say, HOWEVER, going and putting some comments on the record is a good thing to do. 

And like, it’s better than just kvetching to the universe.

Unrelated, but have you voted yet? REMINDER: VOTE YES ON PROP 1 AND MAIL THAT SHIT IN. 

Those off-duty firefighters that allegedly beat up a homeless man won’t be charged by King County…

Three people, including two off-duty Seattle firefighters, allegedly beat up a homeless dude for having the audacity to sleep on the Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial Statue (being a place to sleep: ultimate diss?) in Pioneer Square… and King County has declined to prosecute them. The case is being referred to the Seattle City Attorney’s office for “possible” misdemeanor charges.

So uh, why no charges for an assault on a sleeping person? Dan Donahoe with the King County Prosecutor’s office told Q13“We also do not have a provision under state law that allows us to file a malicious harassment charge regarding an alleged victim being targeted based on being homeless.”

Oh, okay. Maybe it’s time we get one? And like, I’m no lawyer, but isn’t sending someone to the hospital usually assault under state laws? Here’s Q13’s description of the attack:

Once witnesses intervened, [the alleged perpetrators] went to McCoy’s Firehouse for a short time. But the three soon returned to Pioneer square and Bullene, who has previously been arrested for road rage and discharging a firearm in public, attacked another homeless man. Witnesses said he grabbed the homeless man’s large walking stick and — unprovoked — hit the man hard in the head. 

The homeless man used his arm to defend himself against the stick and pulled out a small folding knife as Bullene prepared to strike again. He then stabbed Bullene in the stomach.

Apparently, one of the men allegedly lied to police at first, saying the homeless man attacked them… but after multiple witnesses said that’s definitely not what happened, the three were arrested for assault.


Witnesses: Thank you for seeing something and saying something.