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ATTN LEADERS OF TOMORROW: Washington Bus is looking for interns!

Hey there, future Leslie Knope! Applications are open for The Washington Bus’s 8-10 week organizing internship. So if you’re that person at parties that’s always trying to like, Rock the Vote during an otherwise perfectly normal game of King’s Cup (or whatever the kids are calling my favorite drinking games nowadays), go get thee some college credit/resume-boosters/good times.

Seriously, though, you get to do some fancy stuff like have office hours, and you get some cool experience putting on some of the Bus’s great outreach events.

THIS COULD BE YOU, only in the Bus offices, which we can confirm are pretty great:

Go get it, you beautiful, talented musk oxen. Applications are due on September 3.

Capitol Hill is the most walkable, affordable neighborhood in the US?

So says the mathematic equation of a dude at Gizmodo, who crunched the numbers and even surprised himself when Capitol Hill emerged as the victor.

In a city where rents are increasing astronomically and a neighborhood that people can’t stop eulogizing for a variety of reasons, this result is bound to be the subject of some debate.

The guy who did the math even admits that “The formula isn’t perfect; it’s hard to control for things like how much of people’s income goes toward housing” (hint: in Seattle on average, it’s a fuck-ton), but as everyone knows, the Hill is really dense, and density is good for everyone.

So, you know, go ahead and debate. 

Some folks say, have always said: Lower your voice. Pull up your pants. Look respectable and you’ll get respect. Do those people not realize that our most eloquent, respectable leaders were all murdered in cold blood, all in their suits and ties? No, fuck what you think of our clothes or manner of speaking—we have a right to life.

Larry Mizell Jr. on Ferguson.  Go read it. 

Headline of the day award goes to KOMO’s Michael Harthorne for this lil nugget of local crime news out of Lakebay about a 51-year-old man who, according to charges filed with Pierce County Superior Court, took a little joyride in his dad’s go-kart:

But when the deputy tried to pull the vehicle over, it sped into oncoming traffic before turning onto 50th Street KP North and “drifting” into a nearby driveway, where it hit a parked car, according to the charging documents.

The deputy watched as the driver of the vehicle reportedly got out, removed his helmet and ran behind the house.

The suspect, Anthony Farnam, allegedly had a suspended license and a switchblade, and was pretty stoked to drive the go-kart real fast.

Deputies found Farnam lying on a bed inside the house, and he was arrested. According to the charging documents, a smirking Farnam gloated about getting away from the deputy.

Anthony’s dad is gonna be SO PISSED.

Bainbridge teen revamps tree-sitting like a bad-ass

In the first tree-sit since the 1990s, a Bainbridge teen is reportedly kicking it old school in protest of a proposed development on Bainbridge Island, known for its disposable income and progressive white kids. 

The tree is located in a bank parking lot, and young Chiara D’Angelo climbed up there yesterday to wage her protest. 

According to the Bainbridge Review, the proposed development would include such necessary, important businesses as “a Bartell Drugs, a KeyBank branch, restaurants, professional services and health care facilities.”

It deserves to be noted that BI already has all of those things except a Bartell. It does, however, have several pharmacies.

In design plans for the development, the out-of-state architects aim to “create rural imagery…[and] evoke a rural theme with simple forms,” according to the Kitsap Sun. 

Old school. RT @komonews: Teen camping in tree to protest Bainbridge Island development

— Seattlish (@seattlish) August 19, 2014

The plans have been in the works for at least two years

The 19-year-old told KOMO that she was prepared to “stay up here a pretty darn long time.”

So far, Chiara appears to be supported by the community, which isn’t entirely surprising, since Bainbridge’s chief export appears to be support of crunchy stuff like this. 

We salute you, young one, if only for being resourceful and bringing back a totally old-school method of civil disobedience. 

#TIL: Washington wine facts!

The Washington Business Alliance put together a pretty cool interactive map of wine production in our state, as well as some interesting facts about how much of the sweet, sweet nectar we produce, and how many people it employs.

Of note:

  • The wine industry makes up for about 1% of total employment in WA
  • Washington wine and “allied industries” directly and indirectly provide about 30,000 full time jobs
  • In 2011, wine and wine-related business plaid about $237.7 million in state and local taxes

The data is all from 2011, so it’s kind of like, peak drink-ourselves-into-a-stupor-because-the-economy-sucks time, but it’s still kind of cool to look at how an industry that miscreants like us so heavily subsidize. 

Washington is also the second leading producer to premium wines in the country, according to the Washington State Wine and our main red and white varietals are riesling and cabernet sauvignon, respectively. Wine-related wages totaled $1.17 billion statewide in 2012.


Sidebar: While this is a cool thing from the WA Catalyst blog, it deserves to be noted that we do not endorse the whole blog because they support Common Core. However, they’ve also supported raising the minimum wage (but only to $12/hr statewide), so I mean, I think we can all agree to disagree when it comes to cool interactive wine maps. 

You’re going to have to Get Jesse on a different channel now

From Jesse Jones’s Facebook page

After nine years I am moving on from KING-TV. I want to thank the station for its support of my family and the Get Jesse franchise. Again, thank you. 
I leave KING because of a new and exciting opportunity at KIRO-TV. I will begin there in late October. Because of my contract with KING, I will not be able to appear on air in my new job until April. This is going to be thrilling with lots of hard work in store. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

We’d tell someone to Get Jesse on finding out why KING couldn’t hold on to arguably one of their most bankable talents but we don’t know who to ask.